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Important information regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

This page gathers important information about the coronavirus outbreak and solutions used by the department to minimise the spread of the virus. All information will be in English to save time for the administration so that we can publish as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions related to the Coronavirus outbreak and your studies, please contact us through phone or email:

Phone: +46 46 2228660


· (head of department)

· (study director)


General information

·       Link to general recommendations on LU centrally:

·       Link to general recommendations on LUSEM centrally:

·       Link to general information and recommendations from the Swedish government:
In Swedish: Here
In English:   Here


General information from the department

All courses will be conducted on-line (i.e. no physical lectures) and all exams from March 18 will be either postponed to a new date and/or being reorganised (the exact method will be announced in Canvas).

All students will have access to our computer rooms, the Library and the LUSEM Learning Hub until further notice.

LUSEM has decided to move to online teaching and examination for the remainder of the spring semester 2020 (see here

Hence, all courses will be conducted on-line (i.e. no physical lectures) and all exams from March 18 will be either postponed to a new date and/or being reorganised (see below for more information).


Below you find more information regarding:

·       Examination and eligibility

·       Digital solutions

·       Links to digital tools

Björn Svensson på Informatik har tagit fram guider för hur man kan använda Zoom och Microsoft Teams för uppsatshandledning eller andra typer av möten. Det är en ganska detaljerad steg för steg-beskrivning av hur man använder Zoom och Microsoft Teams fungerar som kan förenkla om man inte har använt dem tidigare.


Zoom / Email:


Microsoft Teams:





No exam in public from March 18.

The exams on March 18 and onwards will be either postponed to a later date or reorganised with an alternative exam method. Exams based on an alternative method (e.g. home assignments) may be given as planned or at an alternative date as soon as possible. The exact format for each course will be communicated through your course site.  

For exchange students and other students who are unable to remain in Lund, we will make sure that you are able to do your exams in a practical and feasible way but that we will have to come back to you regarding the exact form.


Eligibility for courses and further studies

For most courses and programmes, you need to fulfil certain prerequisites to be eligible. If some of you, due to the current situation, are unable to fulfil certain parts of the prerequisites for some course or programme during the present of the forthcoming semester, there will be a greater degree of flexibility in giving dispensation to take the course even if the prerequisites are not completely fulfilled. If this is applicable, please contact the Study director.


Digital solutions at the Department of Economics

All physical lectures are cancelled for the courses taught during the second half of the Spring semester until further notice. Instead, we will offer sufficient digital support so that students are able to follow our courses and we are working to develop more online material. You will get more information regarding each course when the course starts. This applies to the following courses:

·       NEKA12: Economics: Introductory course

·       NEKG31: Econometrics

·       NEKG41: Macroeconomic Analysis

·       NEKG71: Development Economics

·       NEKG81: Fixed Income Securities

Please note that the relatively small number of courses is due to that most students do their bachelor or master theses during the second half of the Spring semester.

The exact features of the digital solutions will differ across our courses but the tools used will basically be as follows:

·       Lectures: No physical lectures will take place until further notice.    

·       On-line lectures: The exact format will vary depending on the course and on what material did already exist. It may e.g. be pre-prepared videos and presentations published on Canvas.

·       On-line chats: The lack of interactions during an on-line lecture will be redressed by “on-line office-hours” so that students can put questions directly to the lecturer, e.g. through phone, email or Zoom/Skype. 

·       On-line material: Notes and slides will be published in Canvas.

·       Group exercises: Assignments are published as usual on Canvas. Students will thereafter be able to establish chat-rooms in Canvas and to use Google docs in order to facilitate group assignments (see links below).

·       Computer exercises: Lecturers and/or teaching assistants may establish an on-line helpdesk (chat-room) and/or stream the exercise through Zoom/Canvas. 


Links to our digital solutions used in our courses

The Canvas Team gathers relevant information needed to use the digital tools used by the department (e.g. Canvas Conferences and Zoom) on this pages: 

·       Swedish version:

·       English version: