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Important information regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

This page gathers important information about the coronavirus outbreak and solutions used by the department to minimise the spread of the virus. All information will be in English to save time for the administration so that we can publish as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions related to the Coronavirus outbreak and your studies, please contact us through phone or email: 

Phone: +46 46 2228660
Email: Joakim Gullstrand (head of department)
Email. Pontus Hansson (study director)

General information and guidelines

From Lund University

From Lund School of Economics and Management

From the Swedish Government


The Department of Economics

The latest decision from the Vice-Chancellor (2020-10-22) is to extend the guidelines regarding education, employees, meetings, and travels during the fall to the spring 2021. This implies that we will continue with our hybrid format, until further notice, with both online teaching and campus activities. Please check each course sites on Canvas for more details when it comes to the teaching elements within each course.


The digital format may be as follows:

  • Lectures on campus: There will be some campus activities for small student groups during the first part of the autumn (regular lectures, seminars, exercises etc.).  Please keep a social distance during these events.  
  • On-line lectures: The format may differ across courses, but most lectures consists of pre-prepared videos and presentations published on Canvas. 
  • On-line chats: The lack of interactions during pre-prepared lecture will be redressed by “on-line office-hours” and/or Q&As so that students could communicate directly with the lecturer.  
  • On-line material: Notes and slides will be published on Canvas. 
  • Group exercises: Assignments are published as usual on Canvas. Students will thereafter be able to establish chat-rooms (using Canvas or Zoom) and they could also use Google docs in order to facilitate group assignments (see links below). 
  • Computer exercises: Lecturers and/or teaching assistants may establish an on-line helpdesk (chat-room) and/or stream the exercise through Zoom/Canvas. 


Links to digital solutions used in our courses
The Canvas Team gathers relevant information needed to use the digital tools used by the department (e.g. Canvas Conferences and Zoom).



Courses Spring 2021

We will update this page with information about each course - if it will be on campus or online. 

Basic level 

Intermediate level

Master level
NEKN33, NEKN34, NEKN66, NEKN72, NEKN83, NEKP22, NEKP35, 


Courses Autumn 2020

Basic level 
NEKA12 - online
NEKA62 - online
NEKA64/SASE31 - online

Intermediate level
NEKG21, NEKG33, NEKG41, NEKG81, NEKH71, NEKH72, NEKH81 och NEKH82 - online.
NEKG31 - mostly online, some on campus.
NEKG51, NEKG61 - mostly on campus.

Master level
NEKN21, NEKN31, NEKN32, NEKN41, NEKN51, NEKN71, NEKN81, NEKN82, NEKN93 - mostly online, some on campus.

NEKN22 (möjlig att följa online), NEKN43, NEKN73, NEKN65, NEKP21 och NEKP51 - mostly on campus


Exams will be online - please visit the canvas page for each course for more information.