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Important information regarding the coronavirus outbreak

This page gathers important information about the coronavirus outbreak and solutions used by the department to minimise the spread of the virus. 

If you have any questions related to the Coronavirus outbreak and your studies, please contact us through phone or email: 

Phone: +46 46 2228660
Email: Joakim Gullstrand (Head of department)
Email. Pontus Hansson (Study director)

General information and guidelines

From Lund University

From Lund School of Economics and Management

From the Swedish Government


The Department of Economics

Note that we are still organising our teaching elements according to the updated vice-chancellor’s decision, which implies that all activities will be online until the end of August.

The autumn seems however to be much more open for campus activities, and on May 27 the government presented its five-step plan for relaxing the restrictions to curb the pandemic. This implies that we will gradually and responsibly move back to campus during the autumn. 

Information on this will be posted here as well as on Canvas, and an important implication is that our lecturers will not be obliged to post an online alternative to campus activities. Hence, it is important that students are ready to follow our courses in Lund on campus when this happens. Note that a gradual and responsible shift from online to campus implies that courses with fewer students are more likely to be on campus earlier during the fall compared to larger ones.

Meanwhile, the spread of infection must continue to be avoided as far as possible. Students are therefore encouraged to continue studying primarily from home and to keep a physical distance until further notice.


New decision by the vice-chancellor – 17 June 2021


In short, the updated vice-chancellor's decision from 17 June states that the University will, from the start of the autumn semester, begin gradual and orderly adaptation to educational activities which are not restricted. This entails, among others, that teaching and assessment of study performance may be conducted on the University's premises from the start of the autumn semester. Adaptation is to be completed by 1 November 2021. 

Adaptation will take place based on the conditions at each of the organisational units as well as the Government’s and Public Health Agency’s recommendations.

Doctoral studies are covered by the same conditions as education. 

Read more on Lund University’s international website

Current restrictions on campus

Our premises are closed to the public and accessible only to staff and students with LU-card until further notice.

Study places and computer rooms are accessible to students at Lund University with certain adjustments depending on the current situation. Learn more about our study places.

Respect the current delimitations of the premises, as well as the arrangement of furniture in order to safeguard the 2 metres distance requirements between each study place. Do not move tables and chairs!

All students are still encouraged to study primarily from home and only to be on campus when it is necessary for information searches, use of reference materials, access to learning support, and access to equipment for digital teaching and assessment.

Group work are to be conducted digitally with no physical meetings on campus.

The LUSEM Library is open with limited hours for students and staff to allow deposits or lending of books and access to reference literature. Learn more on the library’s website.


Please check each course sites on Canvas for more details when it comes to the teaching elements within each course.


The digital format may be as follows: 

  • On-line lectures: The format may differ across courses, but most lectures consists of pre-prepared videos and presentations published on Canvas. 
  • On-line chats: The lack of interactions during pre-prepared lecture will be redressed by “on-line office-hours” and/or Q&As so that students could communicate directly with the lecturer.  
  • On-line material: Notes and slides will be published on Canvas. 
  • Group exercises: Assignments are published as usual on Canvas. Students will thereafter be able to establish chat-rooms (using Canvas or Zoom) and they could also use Google docs in order to facilitate group assignments (see links below). 
  • Computer exercises: Lecturers and/or teaching assistants may establish an on-line helpdesk (chat-room) and/or stream the exercise through Zoom/Canvas. 


Links to digital solutions used in our courses
The Canvas Team gathers relevant information needed to use the digital tools used by the department (e.g. Canvas Conferences and Zoom).



Re-exams in August 2021

All re-exams will be online - please visit the Canvas page for each course for more information.


Courses Autumn 2021

Please check the Canvas page for information about plans for your course during the first part of the autumn semester. 

The objective (until further notice) is to be fully back on campus (teaching, seminars and work) on November 1.                                    





Essay students will have supervision and seminars online untill further notice. 

Please visit the Canvas page for detailed information.