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Why are women less competitive than men? The answer might lie in roles of risk and confidence, new research suggests.

Why do men and women have different jobs? A recent laboratory experiment by Roel van Veldhuizen, assistant professor in economics at Lund University School of Economics and Management, suggests that part of the story may be that women are less confident and dislike risks.

Armenians and Greeks in Turkey Left a Positive Legacy on Human Capital and Development

Despite the rising backlash against migrants and minorities, highly skilled minorities can contribute to the economic activities and development of their local communities. But, can the economic legacy of highly skilled groups persist long after they are uprooted from their homelands?

The gender of your classroom peers can have lasting earnings effects

Can school environment contribute to the gender gap in earnings? A recent study of Swedish students shows that gender of one’s schoolmates can affect subsequent earnings. More specifically, girls with more female peers tend to earn more later in life. This is likely explained by them choosing less female-dominated education and professions after school with higher earnings prospects.

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