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2022 Annual SNEE Conference

Arranged by: The Swedish Network for European Studies in Economics and Business (SNEE)

Conference organizer: Maria Persson, Lund University

Time: November 24, 2022. This will be a one-day event, starting in the morning, and ending with a joint dinner at night.

Venue: Grand Hotel, Lund, Sweden.

Keynote speaker: Simon Evenett, University of St. Gallen

Conference language: English.

Intended audience: In addition to academic scholars, including PhD students, the conference warmly welcomes people from the policy community, such as NGOs or government agencies.


KWC/SNEE Conference on Sustainable Finance

Date: Thursday-Friday, 29-30 September, 2022

Place: Lund, Sweden 


  •   Knut Wicksell Centre for Financial Studies, Lund University 
  •   Swedish Network for European Studies in Economics (SNEE) 

Keynote Speaker: Stefano Battiston, University of Zurich


Guest Policy Lecture 

Anders Ahnlid, the Director-General of the National Board of Trade Sweden

Title: "The global trading system in the shadow of war"

Date: 20 September

Place: Lund, Sweden 

To inspire students to work on issues of European economic integration, Anders Ahnlid will give a guest lecture to all students (bachelor’s and master’s) taking courses in economic integration at Lund University.


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