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Intermediate level in Economics

Studies that build on the Introductory course in Economics

At the intermediate level the Department of Economics offers courses in economic methods and courses in specific subjects in Economics. This gives the student the possibility to combine courses based on her own area of interest. The Department of Economics does not offer an English taught Bachelor's programme in Economics, but each ter we offer some Intermediate level courses where English is the means of instruction and students are welcome to apply for free-standing courses or they can study at our Department via a student exchange programme. Please note that the majority of the courses are only offered in Swedish.

Courses at the Intermediate level are all 7.5 ECTS credits each.

The minimum requirement for all intermediate courses is 20 ECTS in Economics including at least 7.5 credits in basic Microeconomics. Please note that some courses have additional requirements - se course curricula.

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Course catalogue - abstracts (pdf-file)
* = The course is offered in English.

Autumn term
September - October
NEKG21 - Microeconomic Analysis, 7.5 hp 
NEKG33 - Mathematical Methods for Economics, 7.5 hp (Curriculum)
NEKH71 - Economic Integration, 7.5 hp *
NEKH72 - Trade Theory, 7.5 hp *
NEKH81 - Portfolio Selection, 7.5 hp * 
NEKH82 - Option Theory, 7.5 hp (Curriculum)

November - January
NEKG31 - Econometrics, 7.5 hp 
NEKG41 - Macroeconomic Analysis, 7.5 hp *
NEKG51 - Public Economics, 7.5 hp * (offered Autumn term 2021, 2022)
NEKG61 - Health Economics, 7.5 hp (offered Autumn term 2021, 2022)
NEKG81 - Fixed Income Securities, 7.5 hp (Curriculum)

Spring term
January - March
NEKG21 - Microeconomic Analysis, 7.5 hp 
NEKG33 - Mathematical Methods for Economics, 7.5 hp (Curriculum)
NEKH21 - Industrial Organisation, 7.5 hp * 
NEKH41 - Economic Growth, 7.5 hp (Curriculum)
NEKH61 - Labour Economics, 7.5 hp (offered Spring term 2022, 2023)

April - June
NEKG31 - Econometrics, 7.5 hp
NEKG41 - Macroeconomic Analysis, 7.5 hp * 
NEKG71 - Development Economics, 7.5 hp *
NEKG81 - Fixed Income Securities, 7.5 hp (Curriculum)