Department of Economics

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Society and Policy specialisation

Programme structure for students following the Society and policy profile of the programme

Students who follow this programme will acquire the theoretical and quantitative tools needed to investigate economic problems, and will gain specialised knowledge in their specific field of interest. This will enable them to analyse and solve research questions related to the Chinese economy.

Within the Society and Policy profile students take some courses that are specific for the profile, and some courses that are specific for the programme.

Autumn term (period 1 resp. 2)
1. NEKN74 - The Chinese Economy
1. EKHM62 - Econometrics (Curriculum)
2. EKHM70 - China and the Asia Pacific Economy (Curriculum)
2. EKHM73 - Research Design (Curriculum)

Spring term
1. NEKN75 - Inst., Markets and Firms in a Chinese Context
1. Optional course in Economic History
(Course list: Department of Economic History)

2. Master Essay




Degree requirements

Programme Director

Professor Sonja Opper
Office: Alfa 1:4088
Phone: +46 46 222 7906

Programme Coordinator

MSc. Rikke Barthélemy
Office: EC1:279
Phone +46 46: 222 9477