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Health Economics Program (HEP)

The Health Economics Program under the direction of Professors Ulf-G Gerdtham (Departments of Economics and Clinical Sciences Research) and Carl Hampus Lyttkens (Department of Economics) was established in 2007 to promote health economic research and training at Lund University.

The program is a research and training collaboration between researchers from the departments of Economics and Clinical Sciences Research located in Lund and Malmö, respectively. It is funded by the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (FAS).

There are five main research areas within the program. The first focuses on the economics of public health where problems of public health such as consumption of alcohol and tobacco, and obesity are analyzed. The second area emphasizes structures of incentives and organization within public and private health care. The third concerns health systems organization in terms of efficiency and distribution. Area four is centered around methods for economic evaluations of medical technologies and prevention. The fifth and final research area focuses on globalization and health.

A central component of HEP is research training involving both supervision of PhD candidates and preparation and provision of courses and lectures in health economics.


Health Economics and Management (HEM)

Swedish Health Economists Association (SHEA)

Seventh SHEA conference in Lund in March 2018