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Finance Brown Bag: Zahra Hashemzadeh


Zahra Hashemzadeh , Lund

Title: “What drives corporate environmental initiatives? The role of global supply chain” (joint work Hossein Asgharian, Lu Liu and Michal Dzielinski)

This will be a hybrid seminar allowing you to join either on premise (Alfa1:4013) or online.

Abstract: This paper investigates how corporate environmental well doing propagates in firm networks. We study shareholder value creation from environmental merits . We also study how environmental well doings are channeled upstream and downstream in the supply chain and to competitors. In particular, we decompose the relation type of corporates into competitor, customer, supplier and financial and/or operational partners. Among other things, we find that for competitors the effect is larger in more concentrated industries and the main drivers of the environmental well doing transmission among competitors are firms which are more centrally placed in the product market networks and have larger market shares. We also find a positive impact of environmental score of customers to suppliers, and the effect is increasing (decreasing) if customer (supplier) firms are more centrally placed. These results indicate that firms with higher bargaining power are the main derivers of the environmental well doing. The effects from suppliers to customers and between partners are slightly weaker but point to the same conclusion as above.  Findings from this study imply that the firm’s own environmental initiatives have multiplication effect across firm networks and that a specific firm’s initiatives may generate larger societal payoffs.

15 oktober 2021


Ideon Alfa1:4013
Scheelevägen 15B
223 63 Lund