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NEK Brownbag: Demid Getik


Demid Getik will present a paper titled ''Relative Earnings and Mental Health in Families: Evidence from Sweden''.

Abstract: The share of couples in which the wife out-earns the husband has consistently been on the rise over the last few decades across developed countries. This has been shown to have a multitude of effects, including for marriage longevity and satisfaction. In this paper, I show that in spite of mental health being positively associated with both own and spousal earnings, it has a negative relationship to the relative earnings of the wife. Moreover, crossing the threshold where the wife out-earns the husband appears to in itself significantly increase the likelihood of a mental health diagnosis in spouses. This finding highlights negative mental health implications of the husband losing the role of the primary earner in the family.

15 september 2021


This is an online meeting.