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Round table discussion: Nobel Symposium on the Future of Network Analysis

Publicerad: 2023-08-17

Welcome to an open online round table discussion on August 24 as part of the Nobel Symposium on Social Networks in Lund.

The Nobel Symposium on Social Networks is held in Lund, Sweden, August 23-24, 2023. The aim of the Symposium is to bring together internationally leading scientists from the social sciences and beyond, including computer science, economics, political science, physics, and sociology, to assess the core contributions, identify the most pressing research questions, and discuss the most promising future directions of social network analysis. This research field has increased our understanding of social media networks, friendship and acquaintance networks, business networks, knowledge networks, disease transmission (e.g., HIV and Covid-19), and many other things.

Join the round table discussions on 24 August at 2pm on youtube
Nobel Symposiums are regularly organized by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the Norwegian Nobel Committee. 
The panel is introduced by Prof. Tommy Andersson and the panelists are Prof. Matthew Jackson, Prof. Albert-Laszlo Barbasi, Prof. Kathleen M. Carley, Prof. Damon Centola, Prof. Vittoria Colizza, and Prof. David Lazer.