Nationalekonomiska institutionen

Ekonomihögskolan vid Lunds universitet


The faculty at the Department of Economics includes around 30 members with tenure. The names of the full professors and associate professors are given below. In addition there are a number of lecturers and researchers without tenure and at times there are some visiting scholars


Fredrik Andersson

Microeconomics, Economics of Information

Tommy Andersson


Hossein Asgharian

Financial Economics

Hans Byström

Financial Economics

Ulf Gerdtham

Health Economics
Joakim Gullstrand

International Economics

Håkan J Holm

Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics

Petter Lundborg

Health Economics, Labour Economics

Carl Hampus Lyttkens

Institutional Economics, Health Economics

Sonja Opper

Institutional Economics, Transition Economics

Fredrik Sjöholm

International Economics

Joakim Westerlund Econometrics

Associate Professors


Fredrik NG Andersson

Andreas Bergh

Public Economics

Jan Bietenbeck

Health Economics, Labor Economics
Jens Forssbaeck Financial Economics
Klas Fregert Macroeconomics
Åsa Hansson

Public Economics

Kaveh Majlesi

International Economics

Erik Mohlin

Birger Nilsson

Financial Economics

Therese Nilsson

Health Economics, Institutional Economics

Karin Olofsdotter

International Economics

Maria Persson

International Economics

Anders Vilhelmsson

Financial Economics

Erik Wengström

Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics



The Advisors

The department has a large staff of researchers who act as supervisors to the PhD students, and who have a competence in most fields of Economics.

In some cases this competence is unique, or nearly unique, within Sweden, for example in Health Economics, Empirical Financial Economics, etc.