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Seminar in Microeconomics: Adam Altmejd


Adam Altmejd (Stockholm School of Economics)

Adam Altmejd (Stockholm School of Economics) will present “Occupational inheritance: the causal transmission of field-of-study preferences” 

Abstract: The study of intergenerational mobility has long been a core concept of social science. Even in relatively mobile countries like Sweden, an individual's social origin is a key determinant for their socio-cultural status. This paper goes beyond the transmission of years of schooling to study how occupations are inherited through field of study-choice in university. Swedish children are 2-3 times more likely than average to attain a degree that one of their parents holds. To estimate how much of this association is due to causal, environmental, transmission, I employ a regression discontinuity design to study individuals who apply to Swedish universities between 1977 and 1999 and evaluate if their enrollment in specific programs increase the probability that their children study the same alternative. I find strong causal influence, with children being 50-150% more likely to enroll and graduate in a topic studied by their parents. While the effect is positive for almost all fields, its size varies substantially, with medicine and business showing the largest effects. Children are twice as likely to follow their fathers, and the effect increases substantially with the expected earnings of the field."

8 november 2021


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